Motel (angol)

I'm sitting in a motel
It's 5 o' clock and I'm reading my novel
All that I imagined
I wanna make them be real

I'm livin' in a special world
But I won't tell you not to despise
Please listen to my word
Don't tell me how to live ever eveeer
How to live eveeeer...
How to live ever...

I'm living in a motel and I am a fucking gambler
I'm loosing all my money
And I'm stealin' other's pension
Leavin' all the bitches in an empty room
Everybody sayin things I should never do...

I am tired of the fuckin' bullshit I am always told
I don't care about your idols, Leave 'em in their mold
I always drink a whiskey before jerkin' off
Do spit in my eyes, but you better get off...

I'm getting back in the motel
I've finished reading my novel
From now I'm not a gambler
And I won't be that kind of man
And I won't be that kind of man
I'm sitting
I'm sitting in a fuckin' motel...

Living Night (2007)


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